Why Choose M2M Global Solutions for Data Connectivity Across Africa?

Say goodbye to the complexities of multiple pricing plans and unexpected roaming charges. At M2M Global Solutions, we believe in simplicity and transparency when it comes to pricing. With our unified pricing approach, you can effectively manage your budget and eliminate any surprises. Whether your vehicles, assets, or operations span across renowned African countries like South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya, or navigate through challenging logistics regions including Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, or the Central African Republic, our commitment to reliable data connectivity remains unwavering.- our pricing remains consistent and ensures a seamless experience. Experience reliable data connectivity and streamline your operations with M2M Global Solutions today.

Our M2M / IoT data sims provide coverage across all  countries in the Middle East:

  1. Algeria
  2. Angola
  3. Benin
  4. Botswana
  5. Burkina Faso
  6. Burundi
  7. Cameroon
  8. Central African Republic
  9. Chad
  10. Congo, Democratic Republic of the
  11. Congo, Republic of the
  12. Cote d’Ivoire – Ivory Coast
  13. Djibouti
  14. Egypt
  15. Equatorial Guinea
  16. Ethiopia
  17. Gabon
  18. Gambia
  19. Ghana
  20. Guinea
  21. Guinea-Bissau
  22. Kenya
  23. Lesotho
  24. Liberia
  25. Libya
  26. Madagascar
  27. Malawi
  28. Mali
  29. Mauritania
  30. Mauritius
  31. Morocco
  32. Mozambique
  33. Namibia
  34. Niger
  35. Nigeria
  36. Rwanda
  37. Senegal
  38. Seychelles
  39. Sierra Leone
  40. South Africa
  41. South Sudan
  42. Sudan
  43. Tanzania
  44. Togo
  45. Tunisia
  46. Uganda
  47. Zambia
  48. Zimbabwe

No matter where your business operates, stay connected effortlessly.

We understand that uninterrupted connectivity is vital for your operations. Our M2M / IoT data sims support at least two local network operators per country, ensuring a robust and redundant connection. Even in remote regions, you can rely on our M2M / IoT data sims to keep your devices connected.
Take full control of your M2M / IoT sims with our user-friendly sim management platform. Monitor usage, generate reports, send free sms and troubleshoot any issues conveniently. Our platform empowers you to optimize your connectivity and streamline operations 24 x 7 x 365.

Our dedicated technical support team is available round the clock to assist you. With expertise in hardware from GPS Tracking Devices to Vending Machines and beyond, our support specialists will address any concerns promptly and efficiently. We are committed to providing the highest level of assistance for your peace of mind.


  • Pan Africa
  • 5 Free SMS
  • Physical Sim for 2$


  • Pan Africa
  • 15 Free SMS
  • Physical Sim for 2$


  • Pan Africa
  • 30 Free SMS
  • Physical Sim for 2$

Connecting Africa!

Unlock Seamless Connectivity Across Africa with M2M Global Solutions

Experience unparalleled data connectivity solutions that transcend geographical boundaries with M2M Global Solutions. As a leading provider of global Machine to Machine (M2M) and IoT connectivity solutions, we specialize in delivering reliable cellular (2G/3G/4G/5G/NB-IoT) and satellite connectivity. Our expertise lies in overcoming challenges posed by remote and rural environments, ensuring smooth operations wherever your devices are located.

Reliable Connectivity, Anywhere in Africa

At M2M Global Solutions, we thrive on challenges. Our cutting-edge solutions empower your M2M units and IoT devices to connect effortlessly across all African countries, from the bustling mines of Mali to the remote corners of Kenya’s wild parks. We offer both eSIMs and traditional Standard Sims, providing flexibility without any Roaming Steering deployment. This means your devices can select the best signal and register with the most optimal mobile or satellite network operator, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity.

Unmatched Simple Pricing – One Price for Africa

Say goodbye to the complexities of multiple pricing plans and unexpected roaming charges. M2M Global Solutions follows a simple and transparent pricing policy. With our one price for all countries approach, you can effectively manage your budget and eliminate any surprises. Whether your

devices operate in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, or any other African nation, our pricing remains consistent, providing peace of mind and enabling smooth operations across your entire network.

Unmatched Support and Services

We don’t just provide connectivity; we offer comprehensive support and services to ensure your success. Our Sim management platform gives you full control over your sims, allowing you to manage, report, and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter. Additionally, our dedicated technical support team is well-versed in handling hardware from around the world, ensuring prompt assistance whenever you need it.

Take Your Connectivity to the Next Level

Discover the transformative power of M2M Global Solutions and elevate your data connectivity to new heights. Experience reliable and secure connectivity for your devices, regardless of their location within Africa. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions, pricing options, and customization capabilities. Our team of experts is ready to guide you towards the perfect data connectivity solution for your business. Unleash the full potential of your operations with M2M Global Solutions and embark on a seamless connectivity journey today.

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One of the biggest challenges we face in the mining industry is staying connected in remote locations. However, with M2M Global Solutions’ data sims, this challenge is no longer a concern. Their sims have access to a wide range of cellular networks, ensuring that our devices are always connected, regardless of where our operations take us within West Africa. I can confidently say that the M2M data sims provided by M2M Global Solutions have been a game-changer for our operations. The reliability and connectivity they offer are unmatched.

SMD LEFA MINE West Africa, Kova Koivogui - Guinea

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