AGPS – Assisted GPS.

APN – Access Point Name.

FMI – Fleet Management Interface. A Garmin-developed interface for fleet management functions.

FOTA – Firmware Over The Air. Updates a mobile device over the wireless network instead of requiring a visit to a store or service center.

GPIO – General Purpose I/O.

GPRS – General Packet Radio Service.

GPS – Global Positioning System.

GSM – Global System for Mobile communications.

HSDPA – High-Speed Downlink Packet Access.

IMS – Information Management Systems

IMSI – International Mobile Subscriber Identity.

IoT – Internet of Things.

LTE – Long-Term Evolution. Also known as 4G.

M2M – Machine-to-Machine.

SMS – Short Message Service.

UTMS – Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service.

VPN – Virtual Private Network.