A truck heading from Cape Town in South Africa to Windhoek in Namibia


A trip from Kenya to South Sudan without any data gaps


A trip from the north of Tanzania to the south of Zambia with 100% roaming coverage

The feedback from the participants points out Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia as the highest interest areas for M2M Hybrid Sims as Global Roaming Technology.

There is rising interest from several GPS tracking operators in Africa, who are interested in efficient roaming solutions in remote areas. Implementations in Senegal and Mali as prove of concept to follow.

Team-Wolfpack was awarded as best Gumball Team. M2M Hybrid technology worked impeccably, delivering accurate race monitoring even in remote areas with low or missing GPRS/UMTS connectivity.


Gumball3000 Rally from Scottland to Spain


USA Gumball3000 Rally Los Angeles to Miami

during the intercontinental Gumball3000 rally from Miami, USA to Ibiza, Spain.

Global simcard connectivity raises the interest of several GPS tracking providers. They are pointing the unique features allowing flat roaming fees and connectivity in remote areas. Partnership agreements initiated with companies from Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Romania and Russian Federation.

M2M Global Solutions signs agreement with ATrack to modify a line of GPS professional tracking devices in order to support UGC8 protocol. This will allow the technology to be positioned as hybrid tracking solution between satellite and mobile tracking devices.

M2MGS’s Geolocation API enables a location-service, that lets you easily and instantly, possibly within seconds, track and trace Machine-To-Machine SIM cards across United Kingdom and outside of it.

By exploiting different technologies, such as GPS, AGPS, WiFi and e/G Cell ID, it is always making use of the best available option and delivering the most reliable, accurate and fastest results at that time.

United Kingdom is the first country to be offered this product and according to the M2M Global Solutions Management Board, there is solid reason for that:

“We believe in Technology, we believe in the power of location data and we believe in the tech-savviness of our users!

UK is one of the most developed and most exciting markets, especially when it comes to mobile and location data. We have piloted the product in the past weeks and so far the repsonses were nothing but overwhelming! We are at the start and only scratching the surface. We’re seeking to redefine this industry in terms of what our specific technology is capable of.”

The price structure is designed to make this high-end technology-service potentially available and accessible to enterprises and organizations of all scales – no monthly charges, no subscription required – just pay as you go!