Container Tracking

Shipping companies around the world ship many tons of items annually. All these items, worth trillions, are packaged and shipped in containers that are placed on cargo ships or planes for transit to their destination. Over 6 million shipping containers on huge cargo ships are sailing through the high seas of the earth right now. In 2013, the International shipping industry moved 120 million containers worth an estimated $4 trillion.

Every year, 10s of thousands of these containers disappear and are never seen again, causing financial losses for shipping companies and individual owners. Some containers are stolen through organized syndicates, other shipments are halted by pirates, and catastrophic natural events or ordinary accidents can occur along the way.

Our GPS container tracking system provides constant monitoring of containers throughout the entire journey, right from the factory to the destination. Whether passing through customs inspection points or stopping at ports or even when the container is on trucks or trains, the system monitors container locations and the condition of the freight at all times. Incidences of break-ins, unauthorized openings or temperature anomalies are captured by our asset tracking device worldwide.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Our GPS Vehicle Tracking solution makes it easy to trace your vehicle whether you’re a business or a private vehicle owner. Our GPS tracking unit is designed to be covertly mounted on a vehicle, with special GPS location tracking software that shows your vehicle’s exact geographic location.

Even when the vehicle’s GPS unit has been cut off from electricity or the antenna has been broken, our tracking solution will still locate it thanks to its internal backup battery and cell-triangulation technology.

Construction Industry

A lot of heavy and expensive machinery is utilized daily at construction sites worldwide. Much of this equipment is rented, hence the need to ensure it is safe from damage and theft. It’s also critical to use these expensive assets efficiently. Our intelligent GPS tracking platform assists in measuring the working time as well as distance covered by your construction site equipment, from earth moving machines to mobile cranes and towers, heavy trucks and service vehicles. It also supports extensive alarming and reporting features, such as alerts when a machine is being stolen and moved out of its designated Geofence-zone.

Transportation & Logistics

A logistics company with a fleet of trucks needs a truck tracking system offering real-time tracking with accurate details on speed, driver fatigue, where they stop to sleep or rest and whether they are following authorized routes. When you have all this data quickly, it becomes easy to handle emergencies and increase efficiency.

Good GPS tracking system eliminate the chance of missing anything. Our system ensures that every action is automatically recorded by the tracking device and transmitted immediately to our GPS Tracking system. Report data is available on your office PC or a cellphone equipped with our tracking app. You are quickly aware of theft, accidents, bad weather, overspeeding or unethical behavior by a driver. If your vehicle is hijacked, you’ll immediately detect the incident and take action.

Tracking Loved Ones

It’s a fact that our extremely demanding lifestyles present big challenges, making it increasingly impossible to physically watch over our loved ones at all times, especially the vulnerable like children, grand parents, the sick and pets. While it would be wonderful if we could be in their presence at all times, knowledge of exactly where they are and what they are doing is a close substitute for being there.

Thanks to modern Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, you can now replace the worry with intelligent, non-intrusive mini GPS units. Simply give them the tracker (e.g. GPS kid tracker or GPS collars for dogs or cats) then monitor their movements and locations through a web portal or on your mobile phone through our Android and iOS apps.