Environmental Monitoring Systems

Environmental Monitoring Systems serve critical purposes throughout the world. When equipped with our Unique Global Communicator 8 (UGC8) solution, the devices seamlessly use one or more of a variety of wire and wireless protocols to communicate with their M2M Gateway. Continuous relay of monitoring data is assured.

No More Configuration Nightmares

If your remote device does not use our monitoring solution, you’ll need to make different unit configuration settings for the different countries. If there’s a service outage, you need to contact different mobile operators to troubleshoot the problem. Our integrated M2M Sims contain one single universal configuration settings and we’re your single point of contact!

Indoor Or Outdoor, We’ll Be There!

Environmental monitoring systems, also known as remote monitoring systems, are compact devices that collect and analyze air quality parameters, electromagnetic emissions and other environmental factors of interest. They are used to keep an eye on climate and power parameters in data centers and server rooms. They can track temperature and humidity but are not as capable as full-featured weather stations, which are generally capable of tracking every climactic variable.

What monitoring systems and weather stations have in common is that they need to communicate the data they are collecting to the organization that operates them. That’s where we come in. Our technology can be integrated with either device to provide global roaming over a variety of communication channels. Whether you’re monitoring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) or extreme outdoor weather conditions, M2M Global Solutions is there for you.

We Make Multiple Registrations Obsolete!

The problem with competing solutions is that the organizations that own the monitoring system or weather station may be forced to form a company and register in various countries in order to activate SIM cards. Our SIM card requires just a single IMSI to provide global data flat rate service.

A True Global Roaming SIM!

Positioned between Satellite and wireless Data plans, we extend mobile coverage in rural and remote areas. Our UCG8 protocol uses any available carrier for sending monitor data. The Hybrid SIM accesses 1400 mobile networks worldwide, making it a true global roaming SIM perfect for global deployment. It also includes a huge bundle of monthly data transmission that handles your monitoring device’s every communication need.

Ready when you are!