Why Choose M2M Global Solutions for Data Connectivity in the Middle East?

Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple pricing plans and unexpected roaming charges. At M2M Global Solutions, we follow a simple and transparent pricing policy. With our one price for all countries and networks approach, you can manage your budget effectively and avoid any surprises.
Our M2M / IoT data sims provide coverage across all  countries in the Middle East:

  1. Bahrain
  2. Iran
  3. Iraq
  4. Israel
  5. Jordan
  6. Kuwait
  7. Lebanon
  8. Oman
  9. Palestine
  10. Qatar
  11. Saudi Arabia
  12. Syria  (partially)
  13. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

No matter where your business operates, stay connected effortlessly.

We understand that uninterrupted connectivity is vital for your operations. Our M2M / IoT data sims support at least two local network operators per country, ensuring a robust and redundant connection. Even in remote regions, you can rely on our M2M / IoT data sims to keep your devices connected.
Take full control of your M2M / IoT sims with our user-friendly sim management platform. Monitor usage, generate reports, and troubleshoot any issues conveniently. Our platform empowers you to optimize your connectivity and streamline operations 24 x 7 x 365.

Our dedicated technical support team is available round the clock to assist you. With expertise in hardware from GPS Tracking Devices to Vending Machines and beyond, our support specialists will address any concerns promptly and efficiently. We are committed to providing the highest level of assistance for your peace of mind.


  • GCC Countries + 2 ME
  • 5 Free SMS
  • Physical Sim for 2$


  • GCC Countries + 2 ME
  • 15 Free SMS
  • Physical Sim for 2$


  • GCC Countries + 3 ME
  • 30 Free SMS
  • Physical Sim for 2$

Connecting the Middle East !

As the name indicates, M2M Global Solutions Ltd is the leading provider of global Machine to Machine (M2M) & IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity solutions. Our expertise lies in offering comprehensive cellular (2G/3G/4G/5G/NB-IoT) and satellite connectivity worldwide, with a special focus on challenging remote and rural environments.

As pioneers in the industry, we embrace the challenge of delivering cutting-edge solutions. We take pride in offering both eSIMs and traditional Standard Sims, without any deployment of Roaming Steering. This ensures that your M2M units and IoT devices have the freedom to select the best signal and register with the most optimal mobile or satellite network operator.

Our global M2M data sims are specifically designed to meet the connectivity demands of businesses operating across borders. Benefit from our comprehensive offering, including our one price for all countries policy, Sim management platform, and unparalleled technical support. With us, your devices stay connected, no matter where in the world.

If you are engaged in cross-border business or have operations that span various countries or even across multiple continents, look no further, contact us now!

Experience the Difference with M2M Global Solutions!

We are committed to delivering exceptional data connectivity solutions tailored to the Middle East and in particular to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market. Our data sim solutions are trusted by businesses across various industries, from energy providers to healthcare organizations, logistics companies to maritime enterprises.

We cater to your unique requirements and ensure your critical missions are accomplished seamlessly.

Join our satisfied customer base and experience the difference that M2M Global Solutions brings to your connectivity needs.

Ready to Take Your Connectivity to the Next Level?

Discover how M2M Global Solutions can revolutionize your data connectivity in the Middle East.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions, pricing, and customization options. Our team of experts is ready to guide you towards the perfect data connectivity solution for your business. Experience reliable and secure connectivity like never before with M2M Global Solutions.

Let us connect your devices across borders and unlock the full potential of your operations now!

M2M Global Solutions’ dedication to providing reliable and secure connectivity, coupled with their expertise in the African and Middle Eastern regions, has been invaluable to our organization. Their commitment to serving our unique needs has made them a trusted partner in our humanitarian efforts.

Doctors Without Borders, Darankoum Evarist - Burkina Faso

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