Smart Vending Machines

Vending Machines

Don’t you just hate it when that candy bar dispenser is smarter than you are? Especially when it nags you about the excess calories stuffed inside that tempting Snickers bar? That’s a bit of an exaggeration of course, at least for now. But modern vending machines are increasingly equipped with smart Machine-to-Machine technology that does things like report attempts by hooligans to shake loose a tasty snack and alert vendors when the stock of Snickers bars is running low.

Telemetry is a priority for operators because it makes it easier to manage machines in the field. In support of telemetry, our Vending Machine solution VMHero can communicate and be managed over any of the wireless networks supported by our M2M Sims.

Our VMHero helps turn these needs into realities. Vending is a billion dollar industry. As of 2015, there are 35.2 million units globally. Of those, only 1.2 million of them are network connected, and that number is growing by up to 50% annually. Our technology helps you be part of that growth.

VMHero, Your Vending Machine Solution

VMHero, Your Smart Vending Solution!

Today’s vending machine operators need to collect data from the machines and communicate with them regularly to keep the machines running, keep track of sales, monitor key functions, and serve their customers effectively.

VMHero supports all industry standards (MDB/EXE – DEX/DDCMP (EVA DTS)) ensuring compatibility with more than 210 vending machine models from 35 international manufactures. VMHero vending software facilitates your daily business as Vending Operator, optimises your route planning and monitors the system health of your vending machines.

Vandals And Goths Beware!

Security issues in some locations limit high-end vending machine adoption. Senseless destruction of machines by malcontents squeezes already tight profit margins for operators. Our Vending Machine solution works to mitigate or prevent vandalism by automatically transmitting alerts when the G-Sensor detects inappropriate machine movements and reduce the impact of theft by monitoring and reporting door-open state.

Give Me Sales Reporting!

M2M Vending Machine solutions let smart machines contact vending operators by sending and receiving real-time notifications via the cloud. Such notifications include transferring sales figures on a hourly basis and could even include reporting on failing parts, thus decreasing maintenance cost and increasing machine availability.

Give Me Inventory Reporting!

Smart vending machines are programmed to report inventory shortages and outages. Connected machines can communicate when they’re running low on product to facilitate dynamic route optimization and restocking efficiency. Customers can’t buy from empty machines, and anything that helps prevent that is good for your bottom line.

The Future Of Vending Is Now!

In consumer settings, vending operators run very narrow margins and must justify the purchase of new technology with a large revenue increase. New technology can help operators command higher prices for products (e.g., coffee) by leveraging a smart vending machine’s high-end technology display and interactivity to position the coffee as higher quality than that sold in other machines.

In commercial and industrial settings, vending machines increasingly control the allocation of products for cost or regulatory purposes (think of medicines at hospitals) and to reduce pilfering and wastage. Machine control systems have become very sophisticated and are able to monitor usage and prevent unauthorized access.

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