Fleet Management Solutions

M2M Global Solutions

In partnership with major mobile carriers, satellite networks and leading device manufacturers, M2M Global Solutions provides superior M2M solutions for System Integrators, Application Providers and End Users in numerous M2M verticals.
Our solution offerings include everything from Fleet Management systems for businesses in the Transport & Logistics industry to enabling smart Vending Machines that generate a request for servicing when their stock runs low. Choose one of the solutions below to learn more about how we can help you.

Fleet Management

Real Time GPS Tracking combined with a powerful Reporting Engine and a 99.6% Service Availability! Our reports are certified for the IRS in both the UK and the US and for all tax authorities in the EU. Our trackers have GPS Backup, which keeps ours locatable even when GPS is inaccessible...

Real Time GPS Tracking & FM Solutions

Our software GpsTraQer.com lets you monitor your fleet via the web, Android and iOS apps. You can interact with your vehicles transmiting e.g. a command that disables the ignition when a vehicle is being stolen. Our hardware is designed around our M2M Sim and surfaces all of its advanced features, such as GPS Backup and Global Data Roaming.

Theft of expensive Solar Plans

Asset Management

Our Asset Management solution is widely used to protect industrial assets. We protect domestic installations as well as solar farms on an industrial scale. Our deep understanding of the electrical component parts and machinery breakdown enables fast and reliable deployments reducing insurance costs.

Imagine 7 Year Battery Life!

M2M Global Solutions’s Asset Management system relies on the same advanced technology platform as our tried-and-true GPSTRAQER but uses different hardware and a different service categorization setup, both of which are ideally suited for asset management…

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Environmental Monitoring Systems serve critical purposes throughout the world. Using our M2M Data Plans combined with our hardware, the devices seamlessly communicate with their M2M Gateway...

Automated Conditions Reporting

What monitoring systems and weather stations have in common is that they need to communicate the data they’re collecting. That’s where we come in. Our technology can be integrated with either device to provide global roaming over a variety of communication channels. Whether you’re monitoring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) or extreme outdoor weather conditions, we’re there for you.

Smart Vending Machines

Vending Machines

Modern vending machines are increasingly equipped with smart Machine-to-Machine technology that does things like report attempts by hooligans to shake loose a tasty snack and alert vendors when the stock of Snickers bars is running low...

Automated Stock Reporting

Our Vending Machine solution helps turn these needs into realities. Vending is a $7B industry in the US alone. As of 2015, there are 35.2 million units globally. Of those, 1.2 million of them are network connected, and that number is growing by up to 50% annually. Our technology helps you be part of that growth.

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