Industrial Multi Operator Sims - No Thingsmobile, Hivoox or Matomma - Lowest Data Rates For Africa and Middle East - GPS Data Sim

The Lowest IoT Pay Per Use Rate Ever

Connect your IoT / M2M / GPS devices worldwide without hidden fees or quantity limits.

Best GPS Data Sim for Remote and Rural Regions



Automatic Network Switching based on Best Signal and Flat Rate Plans



Supported Countries/Regions

Discover the pay per use rate in the zone where your device will be used.

Transparent Pricing, Universal Access

One flat rate connects you to 2-3 local networks in every country. No surprises, just consistent, clear pricing wherever your IoT devices are.

Multi Operator Networks for a single Rate

Effortlessly switch between Multi Operator Networks without the burden of excessive charges or network switching fees. Stay connected, stay empowered.

Seamless International Roaming

As you cross borders, our Data SIM instantly connects you to the strongest local network, ensuring uninterrupted service and optimal signal strength, no matter where your journey takes you.

AI-Powered SIM Management Platform

Your command center for comprehensive SIM lifecycle administration, detailed usage reports, real-time usage alerts and precise geolocation services.


An automation system distributes the shared credit among all of the SIM cards in accordance with usage. You can change between the default automation system and a customised one.

Offer Details:

  1. The plan entails a monthly fee of $1.50 per SIM card and a rate of $0.15 per MB for all countries.
  2. The activation process assigns the default multi-operator profile to each SIM card.
  3. Each SMS text message sent in all zone countries is priced at $0.2.
  4. Traffic is billed in 1 kB increments.
  5. Text messages can be sent to M2MGS IoT SIM cards from the IoT Portal at a rate of $0.2 each.


Additional Information:

  1. Credit is shared among all SIM cards in the account, with default automation maintaining a balance of 1 MB on each SIM card.
  2. Recharge amounts available on the IoT Portal are as follows: $50, $100, $500, $1000, $5000.
  3. M2MGS IoT SIM cards are not enabled for incoming and outgoing voice calls.
  4. No costs apply for changing plans, contract termination, or SIM card deactivation.
  5. A monthly charge of $0.40 may be charged for SIM cards that have been suspended for a period exceeding three months from their last deactivation, unless they are formally terminated.
    Rates do not include applicable VAT. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

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