Geolocation XAPI – Your GPS Backup

Geolocation XAPI is a cloud-based cell triangulation service that generates positioning data in situations where standard satellite GPS fails to locate a mobile device equipped with our M2M Sims. This sophisticated backup positioning system uses publicly observable cell tower and WiFi access point information to calculate location even indoors and in GPS-unfriendly outdoor areas.

Our Cloud-based Gelocation XPI Service Keeps Always Track Of Your Assets!

Find Your Mobile Device Anywhere!

Our Geolocation XAPI service helps you locate physical assets and cellphones virtually anywhere by initiating a connection to the SIM card’s phone number and triangulating a location even in the absence of GPS signals. Take note that this service is only applicable to devices using our M2M Sim card. Which leaves us wondering why other card makers are so far behind in their technology.

Eliminate The GPS Jamming Threat!

Hackers, malcontents, disguntled employee and even terrorist have used several jamming techniques in an effort to block GPS signals by disabling, confusing or even rendering a device completely unusable. Normally, signals from GPS satellites are much weaker and easier to block than the wireless signalling that occurs between the M2M Sim and its registered mobile network. The simplest form of GPS blocking is by using a GPS jammer, some versions of which can even be purchased online. Our Geolocation XAPI service thwarts would-be jammers by initiating a GPS-free locating procedure when GPS is unavailable.

Perfect For Fleet Management!

Geolocation XAPI enables geo-location lookups based on publicly observable cell tower and WiFi access point information. It was developed as a backup to existing GPS-based vehicle tracking and tracing solutions that fail when the device is out of GPS reach. Our Geolocation XAPI service keeps tracking whether the device-equipped vehicle is indoors or outdoors, even in garages, workshops and warehouses. It continues to track your vehicle even if mobile data transmission has failed, and it does so without relying on data sessions (GPRS/CDMA/UMTS/LTE).

Perfect For Asset Management!

Do you need to track cargo containers? Mobile phones? Other physical assets? Even when GPS tracking is unavailable? Our Geolocation XAPI service was designed for you. It tracks M2M Sim cards and the assets containing around them based on the cellular geographic service area in which the card is located by using a sophisticated triangulation technique that relies on signals generated by publicly observable cell towers and WiFi access points.

XAPI gives me insight into the location of critical and restricted medical devices throughout the building. It has saved my asset more than once.

The Verdict:

M2MGS XAPI positioning service is a great service. Even if the assets you’re protecting aren’t used to save lives, it’s well worth it to subscribe.

George Z., Beaumont Hospital
Many of my headaches in the past were caused by the quirks of fleet management. Geolocation XAPI is better than aspirin as a cure.

The Verdict:

The service is excellent. I’d tell anyone interested in tracking their fleet of vehicles to get it. The only shortcoming I see is that it only works on M2M SIMs. But, really, that’s not their problem. It’s the fault of the other, lesser companies.

Dr. Mohammed R., CTO of a transportation co.

About The Technology

Has it ever struck you that cell tower antenna arrays are always in a triangular arrangment? This is purposely done so that a cell tower can tell which of the three antennas is receiving a signal. Each antenna covers a 120° segment, with the tower situated in the center of the aggregated circular dispersion pattern.

The tower takes a measurement of how close the transmitting device is by measuring signal strength and the round-trip signal time. This is not necessarily a highly accurate measurement, and the calculated distance has a significant margin of error. Using cell tower triangulation with 3 cell towers, a device’s location within an area about three-quarters of square mile in area.

Which may not be all that helpful when looking for a small device. Or even a large one. That’s where Geolocation XAPI rides to the rescue. By requesting the SIM position from partner network operators and matching the cell-id with our Geolocation Lookup Database, Geolocation XAPI determines the location of a M2M SIM equipped device within about 150 meters in urban areas and 2500 meters in rural areas.

While that’s not nearly as precise as GPS positioning, it does work indoors, is not susceptible to GPS jammers, is a useful mechanism for providing GPS Backup, and the results can’t be faked or manipulated as they derive directly from the network operator.

Ready when you are!